MOBO Versions 1.0. to 2.0.

MOBO 2.0. is a music robot animation with a three point wire system. Light´s going on and off, four speakers are moving up and down. Creating the underground, scenery, shadow, lights, camera and surface design. One Version is opaque and the other is transparent. Animations created with blender 3d.

MOBO 2.0. Speaker animation, transparent plastic version.

MOBO 1.0. to 1.2. First I created MOBO in a four point wire system. But there are problems with it. For example this creates a spike in the surface where there shouldn’t be. You can see it on the top on MOBO’s head. So I built all new with a three wire system. From version MOBO 2.0. there are no more problems with it.

MOBO 2.0. animation with music