MOBO’s 1.0, 1.2, 2.0

MOBO 1.0. to 1.2. First MOBO versions constructed in a four point wire system. But there are problems with it. For example, it creates a spike in the surface that shouldn’t be there. You can see it on the top of MOBO’s head in the older versions. So I rebuilt it in a three point wire system.

MOBO 2.0. is a music robot constructed in a three point wire system. The light´s going on and off and the speakers are moving up and down. Scenery, shadow, lights, camera, texture and surface design. One version in opaque, other in transparent.

Landscape. Icy surface, flying U.F.O’s, created with blender 3d.

Water Simulation. blender 3d, cut VSDC Free Video Editor

U.F.O. Wire. blender 3d

HOUSE. ohne Interieur, blender 3d

MOBO 2.0. soundless, blender 3d